"All is in Sanchin" - Kanbun Uechi

As an 8th Dan Karate Master and 3 times World Karate Full Contact Champion (1992, 1993, 1996), Yoga Instructor, and Personal Trainer, I'm encouraged by what the body can achieve when we put our minds to it.

Karate is one of the more popular forms of martial arts and allows it's participants to develop discipline, self-confidence, meditiation, and strength of mind, body and character.


Uechi-ryu, meaning "Style of Uechi" or "School of Uechi", is named after it's founder and Grandmaster Kanbun Uechi.

Uechi-ryu is defined by 8 kata's, as well as body conditioning and flexibility.

At the heart of Uechi-ryu, are the teachings of Pangai-noon Kung-fu, which means "half hard, half soft".

Our karate classes are open to all levels.


Mind. Body. Spirit.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, you can find what you need in our Yoga Classes. Focusing on the mind, body, emotion and spirit, our yoga classes promote the unity of all four elements.


Yoga is a non-impact, strengthening practice that uses static positions, and your own body weight to achieve physical fitness.

Yoga helps to alleviate stress, strengthens weak muscles, loosens tight muscles and brings realisation through the senses.




Fusing the elements of western and eastern philosophies, yog-a-rate is a blend of karate, yoga, fitness training and strength training. These classes have a loose structure and will allow you to challenge yourself and your abilities at your own pace.

All levels are welcome, as well as all physical abilities.



Our kids classes are a fun way to learn discipline and a great way to focus that young energy and strength.

Karate allows kids to develop fine motor skills and social skills while maintaining concentration, but most of all, it's a fun way to get fit. The environment is non-competitive, safe and friendly, whilst building confidence and character.